Consumer Research, Surveys and Focus Groups

Entertainment Anchor Sales Impact on Malls

Client: International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)
This national survey, conducted simultaneously at nine regional malls in targeted markets or varying size and demographics formed the basis for a far-reaching economic analysis for this prestigious international association. The results of this study have been published in multiple national publications with ICSC as the source. The body of data has been made available to association members in order better understand the visitation motivation induced by entertainment anchors in regional malls. This study has documented the reasons people frequent shopping centers with entertainment anchors, calculated the impact on sales of adding entertainmnet anchors and provides a quantitative rationale for tenancy recommendations. (Available from ICSC)

Child Care Needs Assessment of Rancho Santa Margarita Households

Client: The Santa Margarita Company
Disston and Mathis and Associates designed and implemented a survey of Rancho Santa Margarita resident households to identify current child care usage and need patterns as well as preferred child care alternatives.

Demographic Survey of Irvine Households to Identify Student Population Factors

Client: The Irvine Company/Irvine Unified School District
A total of 900 telephone surveys were completed to identify presence of children in Irvine households. The data was collected by dwelling unit type and density to provide benchmark student generation data as well as developing information regarding the population in place that was younger than school age.

Consumer Attitude Surveys Thoughout 1996 and 1997, Irvine Entertainment Center - Irvine

Client: The Irvine Company
The Irvine Company tracks the attitudes of visitors to its Emtertainment Center in the Irvine Spectrum on a quarterly basis. This analysis keeps the project fresh and competitive. It also provides guidance to the project's managers as to the needs and desires of customers.

Focus Group Among Sales Managers and Field Technical Staff Assessing Customer Service Needs - Orange County

This project for a private computer company, focused on the needs of their staff as they relate to better providing for customer service. A highly competitive environment exiusts for this high density storage manufacturer in which they feel compelled to ask their sales and technical staffs how to focus on their customers needs.

Advertiser Attitudes Toward Cable Television Advertising

Client: Time Warner
This major US cable system operator routinely assesses the attitudes among advertisers in an effort to better serve their customer. The focus of this qualitative research was to gather information regarding which advertisers were satisfied with various service levels, the role of the Internet in future advertising, impact of various sales efforts and other qualitative topics

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