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DMG Economics is based in Seattle, Washington and specializes in market research, financial analysis, consumer research and fiscal assessment. Started in 1992, the firm offers a broad range of market research, marketing, fiscal and economic impact; and feasibility services.

Guided by the firm's principal, Matthew Disston, DMG offers expertise in land-use planning, product analysis, entitlement, public policy innovation, residential and commercial market studies to an array of public and private sector clients. DMG excels in market and financial analysis, and the performance of both public and private sector market assessments. Mr. Disston's professional experience also includes projects throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America.

In addition to the firm's economic and market analysis emphasis, DMG also provides its clients with consumer research tools to assess consumer attitudes, preferences and shopping patterns. Consumer research has aided clients of the firm in product design, economic development strategies, general plan policy development, parks and recreation masterplans, as well as product feasibility and positioning.

Founded on the concept that research must provide information that limits risk and provides benefit beyond its cost, at DMG each project demands principal level involvement. DMG Economics offers the entire range of research programs from generalized consulting assignments to in-depth integrated strategic research program development.

5571 Kenwwod Place N. Seattle WA 98103
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