Galen won this award by entering this poem in a competition:

The Meaning of Miles Davis' Nighttime

In this night
there are such essential minds
and such necessary words.
There is the fury of love
and the passion for life
speeding truthfully through our heads.
Our faces dance together, entwined,
as the smog of reality seems to dissolve into the moon..
We know this night is an invisible moment in time
as we are all lost in the melodies of emotion.
I laugh to myself, at myself,
and in that instant I realize the meaning of the nighttime.
As we sleep upon our lives,
the past, present and future,
we close our eyes
and feel a peace the world cannot grant
the calm settles
like the first snowflakes
upon the fresh winter earth
and we are reborn
in a silent way.

-- Galen Disston

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