Sometimes Matt enjoys his work on the trabuco Canyon Water District Board of Directors. Sometimes he doesn't.
Like the time MWD (our wholsaler) blew up a 30 foot section of pipe leaving 700,000 people without water. You see...that's a bad thing. And people don't care if it's your pipe or their pipe, people just know they can't have their coffee and take a shower.... for a week. People tend to get a leeetle testy when you do that to them.

Trabuco Canyon Water District has other sources of water. We have the Baker Pipeline. It's untreated, but we have a treatment facility. The only water treatment facility in southern Orange County. Which makes the other water districts jealous. Especially when you can take showers and they can't.

So now the people are upset because you made them conserve so you could sell some other districts some water and help them out, seeing as you have so much, and the other districts are angry 'cause you have the water....and you're selling it to them. So, let me get this straight. You do a good job. And everybody hates you.

Welcome to Kamakazee politics, Trabuco Canyon Style!