Maine 1999

Our trip to Maine this year was quick, spontaneous and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Squeezed in between Matt's teaching and a busy summer soccer schedule, we leapt on a plane and enjoyed a few days with the Parents at Eastview. (Click on photo for larger view)
Although naps are frequent in Maine, awakening to this view can be a new experience, and one not easily grown accustomed to!

And there is much deck-sitting. Time spent with no great anticipation. Simply time spent together watching the river run to the cadence of the lobster boats as they alternate full throttle groans with the idle circles. Gathering lobbies as they go.

There are also moments of activity.
Water-skiing when the mood strikes.
Or picnics. Island exploring and castle building. Every trip is an adventure. Lobster pots and rocks make each event an accomplishment if you make it home without a tow or a cold dip to unwind toggles from a propeller.

And then there are the pictures. Pictures of cousins.
Pictures of families. Pictures on the deck and pictures at the Neck. And there are the pictures someone didn't want taken. Occassionally, we are lucky enough to capture the odd sister as she is tossed over the edge!

This one is my favorite of the whole trip

Maine holds a special place in my family's heart. It's where they remember their Gramp and GG from

Maine in 1999 was a great trip!