Meet The Members.....

You will now be transported to
...or read the heroic tales of the alumns...

Galen Disston:    
Astrological sign: Aries  
GPA: 3.9  
Insurance carrier: Allstate
Case worker: Bela Fleck
Favorite T Shirt: Faster Pussycat

Galen was raised by hippies on a commune in Utah. Galen used to have hair, but he cut it off.

His name means "One whose mother wants him to be a doctor" in Algonquin.

Subscribing to the ancient order of Druids, Galen's highly disciplined song writing and vocalizing are governed by one all encompassing directive. "Some's good? More's better".
FAQs about Galen: No, Galen isn't really that comfortable in front of people, he's blind and doesn't know anyone is there.    

Pavla Dlab    
Astrological sign: Gemini  
GPA: Enshrined in the computer at Mission  
Insurance carrier: The Good Hands People
Case worker: Fabio
Favorite T Shirt: Cotton  

At a very young age Pavla had a tragic encounter with an IBM Selectric which forever left her name unpronounceable. So, no raised eyebrows please if she introduces herself as "Paula", it's part of her therapy.
FAQs about Pavla: Yes, this is the legendary fan1 of years past. She is also responsible for all of Galen's formal music training...she showed him a 7th chord and the rest is history.    

Dave Hall :    
Astrological sign: Aries  
GPA: 3.9  
Insurance carrier: Al's Insurance
Case worker: Shania Twain
Favorite T Shirt: UCLA

Dave Spent years wandering in the Cleveland National Forest with his dog "Spot" staying alive by whittling acoustic basses out of Jojoba bushes and watching "Saturday Night Fever".

We haven't taught him any of the songs yet but he's doing real well following the instructions "...put your fingers here".

FAQs about Dave: No, Dave doesn't know the band gets paid for gigs and we'd appreciate it if no one told him.    

Ryan "Warren" Radcliff      
Astrological sign: Gemini  
GPA: 3.0  
Insurance carrier: Acme insurance  
Case worker: Liv Tyler


Favorite T Shirt: Bee Power  

Warren came to the band in a wave of Karmic energy sent to counterbalance other bandmember's lack of discipline, ability and concentration. After co-staring in the film "Empire Records" as the infamous shop lifter "Warren Beatty" he enrolled in smile school to broaden his persona.

We still have hope that someday he will smile, in the meantime, he can still bore holes in steel with his glare, just ask him.

FAQs about Ryan: Yes, he still wants to know why someone glued the quarters to the floor.    

Chris Watson      
Astrological sign: Equarias (I know it's Aquarias...shees)  
GPA: Escapee  
Insurance carrier: Assigned Risk Associates  
Case worker: Billy Bardy



Favorite T Shirt: Zildjian

Chris learned about "viral" marketing from a persistent leprechaun he keeps in his pants. Unconcerned about such things as status, Chris stood in the garage until all the other drummers died and they let him play with the Band. He doesn't care what he's beating on or who he's beating with, just play and play hard or he'll jab a Stick in your ear.


FAQs about Chris:

No, he's not sensitive about his...uh....stature, he makes money at it
. Every other blacksmith in Orange County has to bend over to shoe the horse. Chris just stands under 'em.